10 Reasons To Have Children - great video from young traditionalist mum!

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We’ve been watching all those pretty ‘Alt-Right’ girls SAYING that they’re ‘traditionalists’, doing Youtube videos and flying around the world instead of having children.


Frankly, we’ve not been impressed; most of them are atheists, some are even pro-abortion. We do like Lauren Southern’s work for the Boers in South Africa, but we’d be happy if she went on to have children and do a video journal of a (not so young) mother. But HERE’S a girl who really seems to be different! A breath of fresh air!

Because Julia Tourianski doesn’t just talk the talk about traditionalism and having children – she also walks the walk! Here’s a great video she’s done on the joys of Motherhood. Speaking from first hand experience! Give her a Like and a Subscribe!

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