28 August 2021 Conference Postponed

28 August 2021 Conference Postponed


Texas Conference Postponed until September (Depending on Sleepy Joes mood)!

‘President Joe Biden, by DECREE, has extended the absolute BAN on anyone from Europe entering the United States for ANOTHER 30 days!

This is incredibly frustrating as US citizens can freely travel to Europe Get infected and return to spread the horrible European plagues BUT he thinks by band us from visiting America all will be well. Whole thing is crazy but that’s Joe for you.

There is nothing we can do about this other than to rejoice here in Europe that he is not running our Countries, he makes our terrible leaders look GOOD!

We are very disappointed by his decision and it will cost us a lot of money …AGAIN, but we can do nothing about it. Rest assured that we SHALL have this conference, but it looks more likely at the end of September.

I am so sorry this has happened again, but it is completely out with our control. Templars have influential contacts stateside but NOT with the Biden Regime.


Yours regretfully


Brother James- St Donard on Behalf of the Rosslyn Priory