49 Dead in NZ Terror Attack

49 Dead in NZ Terror Attack

49 people have been killed and 20 seriously injured in mass shootings at two mosques in New Zealand, Christchurch.

Forty-one people were killed at the al Noor mosque. Seven people died at the Linwood mosque, and one person died from their injuries in hospital.

The suspects: Police said four people were taken into custody — three men and one woman. They do not believe there are any other suspects but said it was still an open investigation.

The charges: Police said a male in his late 20s has been charged with murder and will appear at the Christchurch court Saturday morning local time.

The manifesto: In a social media post just before the attack, an account that is believed to belong to one of the attackers posted a link to an 87-page manifesto that was filled with anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim ideas and explanations for an attack.

President Trump quickly condemned the attack in a White House statement. This was them followed with this message:

“The United States strongly condemns the attack in Christchurch. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. We stand in solidarity with the people of New Zealand and their government against this vicious act of hate,” said the statement.

Other global leaders have also been sending messages of support.

We at the KTI add our voice to the chorus of condemnation. We are opposed to the Saudi/Wahhabi efforts to Islamise Europe through relentless and enormous funding of the spread of the extreme Salafist ideology that is at the root of Islamist expansionism and terrorism. But we have also exposed and repeatedly condemned the provocative ‘counter-jihad’ message being peddled by a well-funded network backed by billionaire neo-conservatives.

The simplistic and dishonest equation by the spokespeople of this network of all Muslims with the heretical and brutally violent Saudi Wahhabi sect, is as unfounded as today’s wicked attacks were unjustified.

The ‘Great Replacement’ to which the killer refers in his manifesto is an all-too real phenomenon, but to blame innocent Muslims for the failure of European people to have enough children to sustain their numbers, for the greed of capitalism for an endless supply of cheap immigrant labour, and for the anti-Christian agenda of the leftist and globalist elites, is akin to being hit over the head in a dark alley with a brick by a man in black – and responding by blaming the brick!

Except that, in this case, the victims were innocent human beings at prayer. Whatever the claimed or alleged intentions of the attacker/s, the only results of these dark deeds will be to provide the liberal elites with fresh excuses for even wider repression of free speech, and to drive more young Muslims into the arms of the Jihadis. No good can come of either response.

Let us be crystal clear: Anyone who attacks a place of worship, whether it be a Church, Mosque, or Synagogue, is the epitome of evil. Once again the normal people pay the price for the idiotic policies of our leaders and the online clowns who think war is a joke or a legitimate way to advance their own noxious agenda. We utterly condemn this attack in the strongest possible way. We are outraged by it and pray for the survivors and the families of the dead.