9 Felony Charges for Exposing Planned Parenthood

9 Felony Charges for Exposing Planned Parenthood

The exposure of Planned Parenthood's revolting trade in the broken bodies of aborted babies was one of the finest pieces of amateur investigative journalism ever undertaken. The abort-for-profit's top leadership - medical directors, national program directors, even its Senior Director of Medical Services – were caught on camera callously negotiating the harvesting and sale of the body parts of murdered infants.

David Daleiden entered the dark underbelly of the abortion industry. His undercover camera recorded everything he heard as he sat across the table from abortionists haggling over the price of baby body parts. "I want a Lamborghini," said one of the shamelessly greedy ghouls.

More than 12 million people on YouTube alone watched the shocking footage he captured. Since that time, 26 US states - over half the country - have moved to strip Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funding. It's no wonder Planned Parenthood and their allies want to destroy the pro-life crusader responsible.

So instead of the child-killers, the brave citizen activist who exposed the scandal is the one in the dock. He is being hounded relentlessly through the courts – persecuted for caring, and for telling the truth. David Daleiden spent 30 months investigating and capturing video evidence of Planned Parenthood’s vile practices, but the baby-killing corporation and America’s Democrat-driven legal system have now hit him with no fewer than nine bogus felony charges.

When David released the shocking videos of the illegal and disgusting actions of abortion executives, Kamala Harris, then California's Attorney General, colluded with Planned Parenthood to file felony charges against David. In an effort to protect the abortion industry from the brutal truth, the now-Vice-President even ordered the California Department of Justice to raid his home and confiscate his unpublished videos.

As part of their corporate lawfare fightback, Planned Parenthood also obtained a judge's order permanently banning David from doing any more undercover journalism against them.

A civil lawsuit brought by the National Abortion Federation secured a "gag order" injunction that prohibits David from releasing any more of his video evidence exposing Planned Parenthood's illegal fetal tissue business. And now, in light of the Planned Parenthood civil lawsuit, NAF has moved for summary judgment – they want a ruling against David without a trial at all!

At the same time, Planned Parenthood’s  enforcers  are harassing him with collection agents and trying to seize his belongings.

This truly is a "David versus Goliath" type of battle - with Kamala Harris, Planned Parenthood, and the radical left all arrayed against one solitary but extremely effective faithful Christian. Fortunately, various pro-life groups are rallying round to help David Daleiden, by raising both awareness and legal defence funds.

We urge all those pro-lifers who are in a position to help to donate to the legal fund set up by the greatly respected and very effective Thomas More Society: