“Biology Isn’t Bigotry” – LGBTQ Bill Blasted

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“Biology Isn’t Bigotry” – LGBTQ Bill Blasted

A brave elementary school teacher packed a powerful punch in a two-minute testimony against a proposed law that would require teachers to affirm homosexual, lesbian, and transgender students.

Her testimony occurred during a  Senate Education Committee hearing regarding AB 493, a measure known as “Teachers: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning pupil resources and training.”

Speaking before the panel of liberal California politicians, Rachel Olsen criticised training she had recently received from a program run by a contractor, Queerly Elementary.  

“The purpose of the training being given is to “seek to coerce teachers and students to accept and express ideas about gender and gender identity that may violate their individual beliefs and consciences,” said Olsen, “especially those who subscribe to the gender binary, which is rooted in objective biology as opposed to subjective thoughts or feelings.”

“Biology is not bigotry,” declared the first-grade teacher. 

Olsen concluded with one last zinger: “This bill will likely lead to more families and students leaving our public schools to join growing ranks of private and home schools.” 

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