‘Digital concentration camps' - Bishop's Warning

‘Digital concentration camps' - Bishop's Warning

“Free thinking Europe, libertarian Europe, is fighting against [a] so-called ‘digital concentration camp’ that is being forced on the entire world,” said the bishop. “Perhaps the camp has another name… Its lines and barbed wires cannot be seen, but they … exist.” 

This striking warning comes from a Serbian Orthodox bishop, who has called on the world’s Christians to unite against COVID vaccine passports. 

Bishop Photius of the Eparchy of Zvornik and Tuzla described a great battle “being fought for human freedom on all continents” and urged the faithful to join the cause against digital slavery.   

“Until now, people have been struggling each in their own place of living, in their own region, in their own country, but today [it] is necessary to struggle globally for global freedom because if they close everything, and if they place us in those digital camps, nobody will be able to go to anybody.” 

The bishop’s homily was posted to Twitter on December 14th, but has gained worldwide attention as Serbia’s favorite son, tennis great Novak Djokovic, fought to be allowed to defend his title in Australia.  Djokovic, who has natural immunity from having suffered a bout of COVID-19, has become a hero to those who uphold the right of persons not to have to take experimental vaccines.  

Increasing amounts of data show that COVID jabs are unsafe  and, inevitably with their hasty production, their long-term effects are completely unkown.

Photius - who grew up under Communist repression - highlighted the spiritual nature of humanity’s struggle against COVID passports, saying that they are part of a new sort of 'digital communism'. He warned that vaccine passport implementation is a “trap” to ensnare humanity while granting privileges to benefit only “the chosen ones,” “the obedient,” and “‘the ‘rulers of this world.’”  

“They will lock us up into ghettos. They will lock us up into digital prisons. Someone may be totally imprisoned in one’s apartment, not being allowed to move from one room to another, and this may be declared the best solution,” he continued.