‘Elites SUCCEED In Uniting British People!

‘Elites SUCCEED In Uniting British People!

“The genteel spa town of Harrogate was split down the middle over Brexit… but united by utter contempt for our preening political class”

An article in today’s Daily Mail puts in print what everyone in Britain already knows from talking with ordinary people all around them – the political elite’s shameless and opportunistic betrayal of Brexit has angered not just Leavers but even Remainers.

The division between the two sides may be getting more and more bitter, but it is nothing compared with their common hatred and contempt for the political class and their ‘lamestream’ media allies.

“Shambles. It is a word one hears time and again when discussing the Brexit fiasco with the people of Harrogate. ‘Farce’ and ‘disgrace’ are two others,” the article continues.

“Whichever way they voted, whatever their age, allegiances or personal bugbears, people here are sickened by the cynical endgame being played out in Parliament.

“It may be only 210 miles away down the M1, but it now feels so remote from them, and their everyday concerns, that it might as well be the Moon.

“Indeed, the one sentiment that unites the otherwise polarised residents of this timelessly elegant spa town — in many ways a throwback to the great days of England, with its fine Georgian terraces, traditional independently-owned shops, and polite but plain-speaking folk — is their utter contempt for our politicians.”

“A good many people I spoke to when visiting Harrogate this week were so disillusioned that they swore they would never vote again, whether in a general election or a second referendum, which nobody I met can bear to countenance.

“Worryingly, that disillusionment seemed deepest among the generation who have most to gain — or lose — from our exodus from Europe, and will shape the nation’s future; teenagers such as Ellie Watson-Hornsby and Lauren Quandt, both 19 and visiting home from university.

“Ellie, who was not old enough to vote in the referendum, feels so far removed from the uninspiring men and women who supposedly serve her interests that she admitted: ‘I am oblivious to it all. The situation is a mess. We are the generation most affected by Brexit, but I feel we are not being made aware of what’s really going on’.”

Short of a miracle, there is now now possibility that the Westminster and Brussels elite will allow Brexit to go ahead. As part of their ‘justification’ for this they cling to the belief – shown clearly by Channel 4’s recent gripping drama ‘Brexit – the uncivil war’ – that the Leave shock was down to a cunning campaign that fanned and exploited popular resentment against the elite and their policies.

Of course, there’s a lot of truth in the idea that such resentments played a huge role in the result. But to believe that it can be overturned – and by implication that all that resentment can simply be bottled up again and ignored from there on – is out-of-touch insanity on a truly historic scale.

They will steal Brexit from us, and they will live to regret it!