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Radical feminists have been among those very happy at social media censorship of people standing for the rights of men, traditionalists and Christians. But now they are finding that censorship can hurt and exclude them too! In the corporate left’s “hierarchy of suffering”, transgender beats lesbianism, so feminists are now being deplatformed just like conservatives!


GenderTrender, is a feminist blog dedicated to questioning transgenderism. A growing number of ‘gays’ and lesbians are increasingly critical of and hostile to transgenderism. They think it ‘reinforces heterosexual norms’ by encouraging individuals who ‘should be homosexual’ to change sex and be heterosexual from the point of view of their new gender.

But once the gates of censorship are open, it’s only a matter of time before it claims new victims. And, after a campaign by militant transgender activists, GenderTrender has been deplatformed by WordPress and blocked by Twitter.

It is tempting for right-wing and conservative victims of censorship just to laugh when those who have been so keen to abuse and silence us are themselves subject to gagging and deplatforming attacks.

But the truth is that freedom online is indivisible. Either everyone is free, or everyone is at risk of being the next victim of the censors. Donald Trump has spoken about this time and time again; his lack of action in defence of social media censorship is becoming a matter of grave concern.

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