‘Gender’ Insanity Hits Now Level In EU

‘Gender’ Insanity Hits Now Level In EU

If you thought LGBTQ+ insanity is running out of control in the USA, just take a look at the European Union. The rot is advancing so fast there that it surely won’t be long before they make homosexuality and gender realignment surgery COMPULSORY!

Parents, originally from Finland, have had their underage teen daughter taken away from them by a European country’s government after they refused hormone therapy.

The family had moved from Finland to an unnamed European Union country two years ago when their then-15-year-old daughter told them she was in the wrong body and was actually a male.

When her parents rejected her request to begin hormone therapy, a friend of the teen filed criminal charges against the mother and father.

“Obviously, it felt bad that one’s own daughter was doing this, but the worst thing was that the authorities agreed. We were naive and thought that the doctors and the authorities would see sense. It was a big mistake,” the father said.

The parents of the Finnish teen no longer have contact with the girl who now identifies as a young man. When shown an audio clip of their child after six months of testosterone therapy the father stated: “Without over-dramatising, you can say that when the voice, appearance, and personality change, it is as if they had killed our child.”