Great Reset – what it is and how to fight it

Great Reset – what it is and how to fight it

Why would healthy people take experimental vaccines for a virus that is only dangerous to the very old, very fat or already very sick? With so many ‘unexplained’ and ‘coincidental’ deaths of healthy young people, and more and more cases of serious adverse vaccine reactions, it’s no wonder that so many people are very reluctant indeed to be jabbed.

So the vaxx-obsessed liberal elite came up with a plan to force us to do as they tell us: If you ‘fail’ to comply 100%, you won’t be allowed to go to the pub or to eat inside a restaurant. Indoor venues such as theatres and concert venues are also likely to be hit. Even though the Omicrom variant is even weaker than earlier strains of the rebranded flu, the global elite are doubling down on their efforts to force everyone to undergo multiple vaccinations.

It started with ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ and promises that just one jab would set you free. The politicians and bought-and-paid-for 'experts' told us that one of their little pricks would give you 100% protection from the virus, stop you passing it on and killing grannie, and grant you permanent freedom to travel, work and socialise.

Well, now we all know that the political and media elites, together with the Big Pharma industrial complex, were either lying or are the most incompetent gang of ruling class crooks in the history of the world.

All over the planet, true Christian patriots have almost instinctively understood that there is something terribly wrong with the whole Covid ‘pandemic’ narrative. The heroic Archbishop Vigano has spoken for Catholics and traditionalists everywhere as he has thundered against this arrogant and Satanic tyranny.

But instinctive understanding is only a good beginning. What is then needed is a comprehensive grasp of the full extent of the danger. Because the truth is that the elite’s appalling and extraordinarily destructive response to Covid has not been the result of incompetence.

 It hasn’t even been solely about corruption, greed and the billions of dollars, euros and pounds that their dictatorial measures have transferred from we the little people and into the pockets of the billionaires. This is also the biggest and most audacious masonic-style power grab ever.

To resist this we first have to understand exactly what is being done to us, why and by whom. And, even more important, we all need a healthy mixture of both theoretical and practical models for effective resistance.

This is why we are selling – and highly recommend – the Great Reset Resistance. It is by far the best book on the subject that we have come across. Written from a militant Christian Nationalist perspective, the book is a treasure trove of facts, insights and techniques for effective resistance.

The Great Reset is the global elite plot to use the covid and man-made climate change panics as the excuse to dismantle our society. Bill Gates. Klaus Schwab and Co are out to destroy the middle class and independent businesses, seize the world’s wealth and impose a worldwide corporate surveillance tyranny to crush resistance.

The Great Reset Resistance starts by explaining exactly what the Great Reset is all about. It sets out in stark detail the full horror of the plan. The insanely greedy and arrogant elite aren’t just aiming to turn us all into slaves on their global plantation.

It is about much more than stopping us peasants flying or eating beef; they boast openly of their plan to use ‘transhumanist’ technology - such as brain implants and DNA editing - to change the very nature of humanity.

But a lot of people know all this already. The best thing about this remarkable, top-quality hardback is that it concentrates not on the evil of the Great Reset but on what we can all do to help resist it. After two stunning and comprehensive opening chapters explaining the problem, the remaining 14 offer solutions.

Chapters on the fate of historic martyrs, including persecuted Irish Catholics and Scottish Covenanters, remind us that we should fight, rather than fear, the petty tyrants of today. It all puts the ‘hardships’ of doxxing, pressure at work and prosecutions for ‘hate-speech’ very much into context.

A chapter entitled The Wisdom of Archbishop Vigano presents in full three of that good and faithful shepherd’s brilliant essays on the fake pandemic and the evil behind it.

The book then studies theories of nonviolent civil disobedience, and has a chapter about how and why we must ‘learn from history’.

Finally, it moves on to five chapters about the immediate threats which the global elite’s power and wealth grab pose to you, and sets out concrete steps we can all take to safeguard ourselves, families and communities.

It is this emphasis on practical and realistic action that sets The Great Reset Resistance so far apart from other purely descriptive and often essentially negative studies of this vitally important subject. Coupled with the level-headed and detailed explanation of the motives and methods of the global elite’s ‘in plain sight’ conspiracy, it makes this book absolutely essential reading.

The inspiration, wisdom and practical answers it sets out will help everyone who reads it to survive the turmoil and inevitable future collapse of the Great Reset. It is a true classic for our times.

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