"Lion of London Bridge" denied compensation

"Lion of London Bridge" denied compensation

The British government hates anyone who stands up against Islamic militancy. That is supposed to be their job (and judging by their record, they don't do it very well.) They'd prefer we just lie down and let the jihadis run amok.

THE “Lion of London Bridge” has been denied government compensation for the injuries he suffered fighting terrorists. Roy Larner was repeatedly stabbed in the neck, arm and chest by the IS jihadis.

The 49-year-old roared “F*** you, I’m Millwall” as he confronted the terrorists and was later diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety.

He still requires physio on damaged tendons in his left arm. But the Millwallfan was gutted to be denied a payout by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, which was set up in 1996 to look after victims of violent crime.

Its letter said: “I am sorry that you were a victim of a terrorist incident and received injuries.

“However I regret to inform I am unable to make an award as the scheme states an award will be withheld for unspent convictions.”

Larner said: “I just want to re-build my life and had hoped some compensation might get me back on my feet.

“I’m gutted to have been rejected. But despite everything, I’d not hesitate in doing the same thing again.”

Cops accepted his swift and brave actions prevented further injury. 

Mr Larner said the attackers had shouted, 'This is for Allah,' and 'Islam, Islam, Islam,' when they struck. Even after being repeatedly stabbed and falling to the floor, CCTV footage showed Mr Larner bravely carried on the fight, raising his fists in defence. 

Mr. Larner, whose heroic actions undoubtedly saved lives, has had his name put forward for the George Cross, the highest award for civilian bravery. 

This story just goes to show how the once glorious Britain is being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and left-wing idiocy. He is a true patriot and a hero. How do we reward his actions? We put him on an anti terror list!