'Prepare for Martyrdom' says Bishop

'Prepare for Martyrdom' says Bishop

In an important video address, Bishop Joseph Strickland focuses our attention on the importance and need for Christians to prepare for martyrdom in whatever form and whenever it may come.

In this very timely message, Bishop Strickland states that Thomas Becket “was willing to die rather than buckle under any other authority, anyone who was denying Christ and denying the ability for the human person to be free, and [have the] conscience to pursue the life that Christ offers us.” 

His Excellency proceeds to highlight the need for Christians in today’s society to be ready and willing to suffer for Jesus Christ, as many martyrs of the Church have done throughout history. 

Strickland calls on Christians “to be ready for a new age of martyrdom. A martyrdom of giving up some freedoms...[and] to at least suffer the white martyrdoms of whatever suffering it means, whatever ostracizing it means...in order to be faithful to Jesus Christ.” 

Strickland says that we have to pray to be “guided by the wisdom of God and the Holy Spirit” in order to discern when martyrdom is necessary. If it comes to that point, “we can’t deny the truth and we should resist,” he says.