‘Refugees Welcome’ – Mural Shows Real Face of the Marxist IRA

‘Refugees Welcome’ – Mural Shows Real Face of the Marxist IRA

When we tell American patriots that the IRA/Sinn Fein is a Marxist organisation which reveres Communist murderers such as Che Guevera and Islamists such as Hamas, they often find the truth hard to believe.

The idea of so-called Irish nationalists supporting migration caravans, mass Muslim immigration, gay rights and abortion strikes all real patriots everywhere as absurd. So the photo above should go around the world to show people the truth.

It’s a mural in the IRA/Sinn Fein heartland of West Belfast. And make no mistake, NO-ONE puts up any kind of mural there without the explicit approval of the IRA.

They cover up murals such as this when they have delegations of right-wing Catholic Irish-American donors in town but, make no mistake, this twisted far-left hatred of their own people is what the IRA are now all about. The heroes of 1798 and 1916 must be turning in their graves!