‘Sanctuary County’ Rape Crisis

‘Sanctuary County’ Rape Crisis

A wave of seven sexual assaults by illegal aliens have rocked the ‘sanctuary county’ of Montgomery, Maryland, but the politicians responsible just aren’t interested in the worries of ordinary taxpayers.

With seven sexual assaults allegedly carried out by illegal aliens under the protection of their "sanctuary county" policy since July 25th, the City Councillors have sent out an arrogant email rejecting concerns and smearing worried residents as ‘neo-Nazis’.

Rather than address their own responsibility for harboring criminals who inflicted life-changing harm on seven of their innocent constituents, they crudely demonized those who have called attention to their neglect to serve the public who pay their salaries and their tolerance of illegality.

The email uses all the liberal buzzwords about ‘social justice’, ‘inclusive community’, ‘tolerance’ and ‘respect’.

But where is the respect for the victims of these assaults? Where is the tolerance for ordinary people speaking the truth about the impact of liberal virtue-signalling on their communities? And where is the justice in forcing taxpayers to fund the destruction of the safety they once took for granted for their families?