‘Stasi’ BBC Threat to Pensioners

‘Stasi’ BBC Threat to Pensioners

The far-left BBC has very fittingly been denounced for planning Communist ‘Stasi’ secret police tactics against millions of British pensioners. The BBC was today blasted for its ‘deeply upsetting’ plan to send squads of TV licence fee ‘police’ to pensioners’ homes to bully them into paying the annual £154.40 fee. 

Age UK said the move risked a ‘slow motion car crash’ which risked vulnerable elderly people ‘inexcusably getting hurt’, while a backlash on Twitter saw the new teams branded ‘BBC Stasi’.

Over-75s who fail to set up payment or prove they receive pension credit will be pursued for the money and could receive a ‘support visit’ by a new squad of staff, BBC director of policy Clare Sumner announced yesterday.

Age UK director Caroline Abrahams said: ‘The more we hear about how the BBC proposes to run its new scheme from June 2020, the more filled with foreboding we are becoming.

‘Unfortunately, these comments today certainly don’t correct the impression we are gaining that it’s going to be chaos at best and deeply upsetting for some of our oldest people at worst… this situation has all the makings of a slow motion car crash, with many older people inexcusably getting hurt.’

The National Pensioner Convention said: ‘Over-75s face a home visit from an “outreach team” next year to make sure they pay their TV licence.

‘Imagine the cost of reminder letters, visits, administration and potential enforcement against 3.7 million pensioners!!’

From June next year, free TV licences will only be given to over-75s who receive pension credit after the BBC said it could not afford to take on the financial burden from the Government. Its directors, senior staff and top luvvies, however, all continue to take home obscene salaries…