"This will happen in your city too!”

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"This will happen in your city too!”

“If you don’t act, this will happen in your city too!” That’s the message from a leading Hungarian politician as he walks around ‘enriched’ Vienna.


Janos Lazar is a senior Hungarian politician, formally “Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office”, informally Viktor Orban’s right-hand man. He posted a video on Facebook showing himself walking around districts of the Austrian capital, where there are large immigrant populations. (He speaks in Hungarian but the images have a power of their own.)

He comments freely on the negative effects immigration has had on the city.

“Vienna has become a worse place due to the refugees,” he observes. He says he wanted to ask locals what they felt about it but “none of them could speak German.”

“Immigrants create a city within a city and afterwards they define the life of this society. In Vienna there are many schools where there are only now children from the Middle East.”

He says Hungary is threatened with this too if the opposition win the upcoming elections on April 8 and “let migrants into the country”.

“These immigrant communities have completely changed the appearance of the city.”

“The streets here are visibly dirtier, the surroundings are much poorer and criminality is much higher.”

The video shows Lazar in the Vienna district of Favoriten. “The white, Christian Austrians have moved away from here and the immigrants have taken control of this district. 20 years ago there wasn’t a single migrant here,” he says.

Lazar warns that Hungary will go the same way if Third World immigrants are allowed into Hungary.


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