‘White Genocide’ Merchants Not Even Trying To Hide Sinister Agenda

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‘White Genocide’ Merchants Not Even Trying To Hide Sinister Agenda

Mass immigration, miscegenation, feminism, contraception, abortion and a ‘culture’ of hating children – there was a time when the sinister elite drive to use all these to eliminate the people who produced modern civilisation was a closely-guarded secret.

But, these days, the population cull advocates are getting blatant about it.

The picture above shows a healthily normal (in any sane society) family poking fun at a poster acknowledging the demographic reality that is just starting to strike the industrialised world.

The trouble is, there are far too few families like them (especially in traditional European societies, including in North America) and far too many over-educated liberal fools who have swallowed the elite’s poisonous message that flouting God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply” is a good thing, rather than a suicidal and Satanic act of rebellion.


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