A lesson for American patriots…

A lesson for American patriots…

Brutal battles in defence of their people. While all eyes on the international stage on North Korea, over on the other side of the world in eastern Europe, a war is still raging between the EU and US Deep State puppet-Nazis of the illegal Ukrainian government, and ordinary Russian-speaking patriots who rose up to defend their communities from brutal ethnic cleansing designed to drag Vladimir Putin into war.


Who can blame them for fighting back? Singer Polina Gagarina, “Donbass Defenders – My palm clenched into a fist”.

American patriots especially need to learn from this courage, because in a very short time they too will be living under a hostile, liberal-left occupation tyranny hell-bent on taking their guns, destroying their heritage, perverting their children and suppressing their Christian faith.

Donald Trump’s move to replace promises of a ‘beautiful Wall’ with support for mass immigration, together with his failure to defend his base from being wiped off social media, and the demographic darkening of America, all combine to make Democrat victory and tyranny inevitable.

Resistance to oppression is a Christian duty!