A ‘Pride’ Parade the Liberals Hate!

A ‘Pride’ Parade the Liberals Hate!

Just in case you still don’t understand why the BBC and all the rest of the liberal media just HATE the good and very British loyalist people of Northern Ireland, here are two videos which explain a great deal!

The first is of the band chosen to lead the main 12th July Orange parade in Belfast on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. All those participating are civilian volunteers.

The event is not sponsored in any way by government agencies or big business. The mainland BBC hate these people so much that they only report on such events if there is trouble when they are opposed by Marxist Republicans. Every year at least 100,000 turn out for this parade alone.

The one below shows the taxpayer-funded modern British military on the hugely sponsored Gay Pride march in London, an event hyped every year by the BBC despite drastically falling numbers – down to 20,000 this year.

There was a time when the regulars of the British military were the smartest, best drilled soldiers in the world. Now they are shown up every time by the part-time volunteers from Northern Ireland. How the BBC must hate having such ‘dinosaurs’ around to remind people of the pride in what Britain and the British once were – and will be again. At the end of the coming Long War of Reconquista!