A warning to America

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The England of Cathedrals, Yorkshire pudding and Shakespeare is Dead. In 1945, the fought of thousands of aggressive, hostile and alien Muslims raping 1,000,000 young English girls was unthinkable after their victory in the second world war.

Fast forward a generation or two and numerous waves of Islamic immigration and our nightmare has become a reality. America is the last beacon of freedom in the Western World and with Trump in the White house, we now have an ally that understands the threat of militant Islam but we do offer this video as a word of warning to our American brothers and sisters; unless you are on guard, your corrupt politicians (on the command of their corporate pay masters) will import large swathes of the Islamic world.

The "replacement project" is reaching its final phase in the UK and Europe; do not let the same thing happen to America!


The Knights Templar Order