A Warning to Americans

A Warning to Americans

We know that the anger of 75 million Americans will not dissipate. After all, you have many reasons, not least the Lying Press campaign to portray a peaceful, Defend the Constitution protest by hundreds of thousands of patriots at the Capitol as something as wicked at last year's BLM riots - massively destructive waves of arson and violence which killed literally hundreds of people.

And we have no doubt that the anger will grow as the incoming Biden regime imposes not only an economy-wrecking lockdown but also sweeping attacks on the First and Second amendments - and those who support and try to utilise them.

Such anger is fully justified and, where it leads patriots to think carefully, and to set out to organise and do things that are more useful than voting for the Republicans who back-stabbed Donald Trump and 75 million Americans, it will in the end prove to be a good thing. But talk of the disgrace of the Republican Party leads to us one absolutely crucial warning: There is now a real risk that patriotic Americans are going to be sucked into a decade of completely counter-productive electioneering.


We are already hearing the siren voices of those who want to drag you all down this dead-end road: "The one good thing about the Republican elite betraying Trump is that they have destroyed their own support base. With the Republicans broken and discredited in the eyes of Middle America, the way is open to build a third party and finally take back control of the USA through elections."

Just how anyone can give this idea any credence eludes us. The key lesson that should be taken from the Democrat/MSM/Big Tech/Beltway 'big steal' is precisely that, even if a conservative movement manages to put together a serious electoral challenge, the elite will simply stop it through shameless cheating and repression.

And, given that the Dems have already promised a gigantic amnesty for illegal immigrants, and to let in a rolling tsunami of 'climate change refugees', on top of all their cheating they are poised to add perhaps 30 million new Democrat voters to the rolls. Adding to that the continuing demographic shift as white boomers die off and are replaced by various young 'minorities', and it is crystal clear that the electoral road is completely blocked. Any effort in that direction is therefore a complete waste of time, money and energy - all resources which could be far more usefully employed elsewhere, and which we cannot afford to waste.

It is worth taking a closer look at the question of money, because the briefest realistic consideration of this factor further exposes the 'third party' idea as an insanely unrealistic fantasy. The groups of well-meaning but naive patriots talking such nonsense would be hard-pushed to raise $1,000 at a meeting, or in an online fund-raising drive (indeed, in all probability they don't even have payment portals any more). Yet they talk about trying to compete in the most expensive electoral contests in the whole world.

The recent election in Georgia, in which the Democrats grabbed control of the Senate, cost a staggering total of $900 MILLION. The total electorate of Georgia is just over 7.5 million and, needless to say, the tidal wave of cash with which the two parties contested to manipulate their opinions and hoover up their votes didn't come from Georgia. It came from giant corporate and vested interest donors, not one of which would look with anything other than hysterical hatred against a genuinely patriotic, Christian-based, nationalist insurgent party.

These facts are explored in greater detail in one chapter in our best-selling book, Deus Vult - Reconquista of the West. The book also goes on to address the obvious and vital question: When you argue against third party election efforts, are you saying or implying that the way ahead is through violent insurrection?

Absolutely not! The alternative to fighting and losing elections is not violence. It is separation. It's turning off the TV, growing your own food, leaving the liberals to celebrate their children having gender change mutilation and getting on with having a whole 'quiverfull' of children yourself. It's home-schooling, building networks of like-minded families with whom to socialise, trade, organise and build communities.

It's about re-evaluating your life and arranging it to avoid paying a single cent more than is absolutely unavoidable to a System that hates you, our kind, and our Lord. And to ensure that you and the people you value and love judge a man's success in life by how many children he and his wife have, and rear right, rather than by the gold taps in his bathroom and the price of his sportscar. A yard full of grandchildren and a pickup truck you own outright are greater wealth than that enjoyed by any billionaire with a little dog instead of children.

These ideas are also explored in much greater detail in Deus Vult, and will be developed even further in the coming sequel, The Great Reset Resistance (watch this site for further details).