Abortion killed 5 times more Canadians than COVID in same period

Abortion killed 5 times more Canadians than COVID in same period

About 37,000 Canadians tragically died from the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years. A different kind of pandemic, however, far more deadly in its scope and victim count continues unabated to destroy human lives across the country.

Since February 2020, when COVID and all that came with it started claiming the lives of Canadians, until now, this more-deadly pandemic has claimed the lives of an estimated 200,000 victims, making it five times more deadly.

Compared with the COVID plandemic, where the vast majority of victims were the elderly over the age of 70, this more-deadly pandemic exclusively targets the youngest members of the human family.

While the COVID pandemic prompted governments, politicians, and leaders of every kind to declare a “state of emergency” and band together to come up with solutions to “save lives,” this other pandemic has been entirely ignored, or worse, aided and abetted by these same governments, politicians, and leaders.

I’m talking about the pandemic of abortion.

I’m talking about preborn children, the victims of this deadly moral disease.

Yes, abortion is a pandemic in Canada and across the world. Abortion has become pandemic on account of so many people being infected with immoral ideas. Ideas have consequences, and in this case, they’re deadly.

Some of these ideas include that the strong should be allowed to dominate the weak and dependent, destroying them when necessary, that “choice” and “bodily autonomy” means terminating someone who is weak and dependent when they’re inconvenient, and that children in the womb are less human than children outside the womb on account of them being weak and dependent.

Over the past two years, while businesses, gyms, and churches were closed to keep people “safe” from COVID, Canadian abortion mills were deemed an “essential service” and continued the daily grind of exterminating children in their mothers’ wombs. For every person that died from COVID, the lives of five babies were snuffed out by abortion.

While COVID restrictions inevitably forced many businesses to permanently go out of business, the Canadian abortion industry saw an uptick in the number of abortions and requests for information and services related to abortion.

And what were Canadians willing to do to bring an end to the COVID pandemic? Many were willing to change their lives, sacrifice comforts and conveniences, and even allow their rights and freedoms to be infringed upon – all of this to “stop the spread” and “save lives.”

“We’re all in this together,” we heard over and again during the COVID pandemic. “We need to flatten the curve.”

Because of abortion, preborn children face a “state of emergency” every day in Canada. And the abortion curve continues to climb.

Babies in the womb are our fellow human beings and our brothers and sisters. When they are attacked and exterminated, all humanity suffers as a consequence. Abortion leaves no one unaffected. It causes devastating shockwaves across the nation, affecting mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, homes, towns, and cities.

It turns out that with abortion, we are in this all together. And we need to work together to flatten this curve.

Since babies in the womb are voiceless, we must be their voice.