Abortion Drugs Nightmare

Abortion Drugs Nightmare

“I was begging for my own death to come because the agony was unbearable.” As the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the high-profile chemical abortion drug case on Tuesday, women shared harrowing testimonies of the horrors of their experience when taking the drug after being “deceived” by Planned Parenthood about what to expect, with one woman sharing that the terror of her experience was so great she prayed for death.

Among others, Leslie Wolbert offered testimony of her experience of taking the abortion pill at the age of 21 after she said Planned Parenthood had not informed her fully about the nature of the drug and its effects. 

She said she was neither counseled nor warned of the “living hell” she would go through in her own home as a result of using the drug. “Nor was I informed about the reality of what I’d experience, what I’d feel, what I’d see, or the traumatic memories and pain that I would carry for life,” she declared. 

Wolbert had gone to a Planned Parenthood to get a pregnancy test, in no way intending to abort, even after a positive test, but was convinced into taking the abortion pill after being told by Planned Parenthood staff that she would simply experience a heavy period until she expelled a “tennis ball sized clot” that was only a “blob of tissue.”  

The extreme loss of blood from “relentless bleeding” and the excruciating pain she felt in her whole body for several days became so unbearable that she prayed to God for death.