Abortion Is a Profit-Making Industry

Abortion Is a Profit-Making Industry

In 1973, for the first time ultrasound technology allowed us to see the image from inside the uterus during an abortion. What Bernard Nathanson saw shocked him deeply. He no longer had any doubts – abortion is the murder of a child.

Bernard Nathanson saw with his own eyes how, during an abortion, a child in the womb pushed away the abortion forceps that were trying to grab his vital organs and tear them out. He had performed this procedure himself many times. Nathanson was responsible for 75,000 abortions, of which he personally performed about 5,000. He was also one of the leaders of NARAL – the National Abortion Rights Action League, which fought for the legalization of abortion in the US. He became one of the first doctors to specialize in abortions. Initially, he conducted them illegally. After the law changed, he founded one of the first official abortion clinics. His activity in this field was so significant that he was called “the king of abortion”. Bernard Nathanson is one of the abortionists who, after his conversion, revealed the truth about the abortion industry and became involved in pro-life activities.

The “King of Abortion” Reveals the Strategy

Bernard Nathanson revealed shocking information about a campaign conducted in 1968-1973 to legalize abortion in the US. It was based entirely on lies and manipulation. This way, it took just a few years for the rather conservative American society to be convinced of the alleged rightness of abortion and to liberalize abortion laws. Nathanson and his associates disseminated false data through the media that indicated that 85% of Americans wanted abortion to be legalized.

Moreover, they spread false statistics about the number of illegal abortions being perpetrated. They claimed that about a million abortions were being performed in the US each year, knowing that there were really only about 100,000. They argued that the death rate for mothers during these illegal “surgeries” reached 10,000 per year, when in fact it was 200 – 250. Such deliberately distorted numbers changed the minds of many Americans and convinced much of American society of the supposed need to legalize abortion.

Another big lie spread by abortionists at the time was that determining when a person’s life begins is a theological, philosophical, ethical, or legal question, not a scientific one. Meanwhile, it is an undeniable scientific fact: human life begins at conception. This is the point at which a zygote is created, which contains a set of genes, determining the individual characteristics, structure, and sex of the new human (see here). In the course of human development there is no other point at which one can differentiate that which is not yet human from that which is. There is no other point at which a non-human changes to become human.

Advocates of abortion deliberately persuaded the public that determining when human life begins, and thus marking the point from which it should be protected, is only a matter of subjective human opinion. So they portrayed Catholics as a hostile group that wanted to impose its religious beliefs on society. That is why NARAL coined the name “pro-choice”, which suggests that pro-abortion groups support women’s freedom to choose, while Catholics opposed that freedom. Nathanson explained that it was a clever linguistic trick to hide the fact that they were only interested in increasing the number of abortions because of the financial gains that followed. The slogans of the fight for women’s rights were just catchy media propaganda. After his conversion he joined the pro-life movement, where he revealed that all the manipulation and lies still exist today. The doctor recorded a video called “The Silent Scream” showing an abortion recorded by ultrasound. Right up to the end of his life, Nathanson fought tirelessly to show the truth that the actions of abortion advocates are not a spontaneous movement to defend “women’s rights,” but a planned, profit-making industry.

Jane Roe and Mary Doe

The flagship figures in the legalization of abortion in the US were Jane Roe and Mary Doe, whose real names were Norma McCorvey and Sandra Cano. These women were ruthlessly exploited by the abortion lobby to help change the law. Both were young, uneducated, poor, and defenseless against the manipulation of pro-abortion lawyers. Norma McCorvey sought help in finding some place to get an abortion, since abortions were illegal at the time. Talking to the lawyers of the pro-abortion lobby, she lied that her pregnancy was the result of rape. The lawyers, pretending to help Norma, tricked her about not knowing any illegal abortion clinics; in fact, they needed a pregnant woman to carry out a well-prepared plan. The case of Jane Roe went to the Supreme Court, although the woman herself was never cross examined about her case during the hearings. The Roe v Wade ruling became a case that changed laws across the US. The trial was based on lies and dishonesty from the very beginning. It was a political game in which money and special interests played a significant role. For example, two of the seven judges had close relatives who worked for Planned Parenthood (a family planning organization that promotes abortion). Therefore, these judges were not objective in this case.

Moreover, the judges did not discuss the fundamental issues: the life, rights, or best interests of the child, and the mother’s well-being and responsibility. The legal argument for legalizing abortion was the mother’s right to her privacy! According to the court’s decision, the mother and her doctor would have the right to decide to kill the child. And so, in 1973, the US Supreme Court legalized the full availability of abortion for any reason up until the sixth month of pregnancy.

Another milestone in the fight to legalize abortion was the trial of Mary Doe (Sandra Cano). She turned to a lawyer because she wanted to divorce her husband to gain independence in the life and in the upbringing of her three children (she was pregnant with the fourth). However, the lawyer said that the woman needed an abortion. The lawyer, therefore, concluded that her task would be to obtain judicial approval for the late killing of her unborn child. Cano never agreed to have an abortion, yet the lawyer, against the wishes of her client, proceeded with her case, which led to the legalization of abortion right up until the ninth month of pregnancy (through the cruel partial birth abortion procedure). The Doe v. Bolton ruling also opened up the possibility for abortions in private clinics, which do not need any federal or state licenses to operate. The abortion business subsequently expanded very broadly, without obstacles or restrictions. Since then, more than 60 million unborn children have been killed in the United States.

Norma McCorvey and Sandra Cano suffered until the ends of their lives, knowing that the court decisions, which had been made in their name, had contributed to the destruction of so many lives. Over time, both women converted and became involved in the fight for truth and the protection of the lives of unborn children. Norma McCorvey went through the process of conversion, first becoming a Protestant and then, in 1998, joining the Catholic Church. On this journey she was accompanied by Fr. Frank Pavone, a famous American pro-life activist. Even after Norma’s death in 2017, Fr. Pavone had to defend her good name and the sincerity of her conversion against slanderous media publications, which were claiming that she had been bribed to join the pro-life movement.

“The Scarlet Lady”

The names of Norma McCorvey and Sandra Cano are publicly known, but the abortion industry preys on countless anonymous women. Carol Everett, former director and owner of a network of abortion clinics, and today a pro-life activist, openly talks about the rules governing the abortion industry. Profit counts – therefore more and more abortions are needed. Everett thought of herself as “the scarlet lady” because she knew that she was making profits from the shedding of the blood of unborn children, often putting the health and lives of their mothers at risk, as in the case of a woman whose intestine was removed through a perforated uterus during an improperly performed abortion. Everett drove her to the hospital in a private car, because calling an ambulance to the clinic would damage the company’s image. Maintaining the popular myth that abortion was as safe as a dental procedure was more important than concerns for the woman’s life. Meanwhile, Everett presented shocking statistics that out of 500 abortions that were performed in her clinics every month, at least one woman lost her life or was permanently crippled.

A former owner of abortion clinics has revealed how lies and manipulation are used to convince women to abort their children. Clinics hire professional counselors to promote and sell to women the idea of having abortions. Alternatives to abortion are not considered, unless demanded by the client herself. Being in a difficult situation, many pregnant women want to hear words of support, and encouragement that it is worth having a baby. However, when calling the number of an abortion clinic consultant, these women are not aware that the consultants are trained to refer women for abortions, even though these women most often are scared and confused.

Carol Everett said women usually ask two questions before an abortion. First: Does abortion hurt? In the clinic, they receive a prepared, untrue answer: “No. Your uterus is a muscle. All it takes is a contraction to open it and a contraction to close it. You will only feel a slight twitching sensation. Every woman in the world has cramps.” Everett argues that the truth is completely different. She has seen many drastic scenes during an abortion; for example, six people had to hold a woman on a table while performing an abortion. Abortion is extremely painful for (both) the mother and much worse for the baby. The second most common question asked by women before an abortion is: Is this a child? The prepared answer is: “No, it is a product of conception, a blood clot, a piece of tissue.” (C. Everett, Money Stained with Blood, Lublin, Poland 1994) This is an obvious lie to try to soothe a woman’s conscience.

More Abortions Means More Money

Carol Everett’s clinics have repeatedly convinced women to pay for an abortion, even in cases where they were not pregnant. It was enough to indicate a shadow on the ultrasound image and ensure that it was an embryo’s follicle in the early stages of pregnancy. The staff quickly offered an immediate “solution to the problem.” The idea was for a woman under the influence of emotions, to hastily decide to buy abortifacient pills. This way, the clinic made money, and the woman was convinced that she had received help in ridding herself of the “problem”.

The focus on increasing the number of women having abortions is nothing exceptional in this business. Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic and now a pro-life activist, testifies that the organization’s business goals are to increase the number of abortions – because they bring the clinics more and more profit. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion organization in the US, having earned as much as $882 million in 2004-2005 alone. On another occasion, shocking practices at Planned Parenthood, such as the sale of organs from aborted children and contract abortions, have come to light.

See the Baby

People who have left the abortion industry say that they were unfazed by the sight of the bodies of children killed in abortion. Their eyes and heart seemed to have been darkened. The moment the truth reached these people, they had to end their activities and stand up for life. This rule is confirmed by the extraordinary story of Stojan Adašević, an abortionist from Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He prided himself on his professionalism in performing abortions. Following the maxim “practice makes perfect,” he performed 20 or 30 abortions a day for 26 years. In total, Adašević performed about 55,000 abortions. He wanted to be the best and most effective abortionist. Everything changed when dreams began to haunt him. He dreamed of children whose lives he had taken through abortions. Slowly, a terrible truth began to penetrate the doctor’s mind and heart. He finally came to his senses during an abortion for the doctor’s cousin’s girlfriend. The woman was four months pregnant and wanted an abortion rather than giving birth to her ninth child. While performing the abortion, the doctor saw among the remains of the aborted child his tiny, beating heart, pulsating more and more slowly, until it finally stopped completely. He realized then that he had just killed a person… This was Dr. Adašević’s last abortion. The doctor informed his superiors that he would no longer perform abortions. They soon began to pressure him to change his mind. After two years of ostracism and media campaigning, the doctor was on the verge of nervous exhaustion. He found his strength by joining the movement to protect the life of the unborn.

Another abortionist who converted was Anthony Levatino. Despite a long and thorough search for his adopted daughter, who had got lost, she was tragically never found. After this he was able to see an aborted child as someone’s son or daughter. From then on, neither the woman’s “right to choose”, nor his $800 income for a 15-minute procedure, could convince him to continue. First, he stopped performing late-term abortions, then refused to perform abortions altogether. He understood that the age and size of a child do not matter – abortion always takes the life of an innocent. After his conversion, Dr. Levatino initially did not join the pro-life movement, because, fed by media propaganda, he thought that they were a bunch of madmen. It was only after personal meetings with the defenders of life that he became convinced of their sincerity and joined the movement. His personal conversion was certainly influenced by the involvement of a pro-life “protector”. This woman had joined the “adopt an abortionist” campaign. As part of this initiative, she became one of Dr. Levatino’s patients, and on the occasions of visiting him she told him that Jesus loved him, and that abortion was the killing of a child, so he should abandon this practice. She also sent him letters with this message and prayed for him. The doctor initially thought the woman was crazy, but her message started to haunt him. After his conversion, he encouraged all those who defend life not to be indifferent to people involved in abortion – it is necessary to talk with such people with love and, above all, pray for their conversion.

Save Souls

The actions of those who defend innocent life are not limited to offering material help and psychological support for women who may be considering abortion. It is also a fight for the souls of all those who in any way contribute to taking the life of an unborn child: his mother and father, their family and friends, and all the staff working in abortion clinics. In various countries, special retreats are held, such as those led by the Rachel’s Vineyard pastoral ministry, during which these people can find help in healing from post-abortion syndrome and recovering from the state of spiritual death. Accepting the truth that abortion kills a child is a painful but necessary step in spiritual healing. The Lord Jesus, through the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist, regenerates man by giving him or her a new life. God forgives every sin of the repentant sinner and calls each one of us to bear witness to the truth. People who have been in any way burdened with the sin of abortion and are converted are called upon to share their experiences in order to save anyone they can from abortion.