Choice42 explains how abortion is modern-day child sacrifice

Choice42 explains how abortion is modern-day child sacrifice

Ontario pro-life group Choice42 (Choice For Two) may be best known for its “Just Saying” video series, which uses humor to skewer pro-abortion logic, but its latest video eschews satire to lay bare the reality of abortion in deadly serious terms.

“Child sacrifice. Barbaric. Evil. Ancient. Modern. There’s nothing new under the sun,” opens the video’s narrator, Choice42 founder and director Laura Klassen. “Throughout history, children have been sacrificed to a variety of deities in attempts to gain favor or blessings.”

Klassen details how primitive cultures, from the Aztecs to the Canaanites, would slaughter their young in public ceremonies, as offerings to the gods that they believed dictated everything from weather to harvest to prosperity. But while 21st-century Western Civilization largely believes itself to have evolved past such barbarism, Klassen reminds viewers that “child sacrifice never stopped. And we still don’t hear their screams.”

“We sacrifice our children today not for rain or war victories, but for freedom or convenience,” she says, while animated representations of abortion cross the screen. “We sacrifice to gain favor in the workplace, or for the blessings of money or fame. We sacrifice our babies on the altar of free sex.”

“Child sacrifice is no longer a public event; it’s done behind closed doors,” Klassen continues. “Rather than a gory burning or bloody stabbing, it’s become a neat, sterile, and clinical event. We don’t throw our children into the fire or leave them to freeze to death. We starve our babies. We poison them. We rip off their arms and legs and crush their skulls.”

“We celebrate baby murder,” she laments. “We consider it vital to our existence. It’s become a right. But nothing is different. There’s nothing new under the sun. Innocent human beings are still being sacrificed for the selfish gains of those more powerful. Modern child sacrifice is thriving. We must end it. End abortion.”