UK abortionists caught agreeing to kill baby so undercover caller could keep her ‘beach body’

UK abortionists caught agreeing to kill baby so undercover caller could keep her ‘beach body’

New video footage released yesterday shows the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), the U.K.’s largest abortion provider, agreeing to send abortion pills to an undercover “mystery client” who informed them that she wanted an abortion to avoid looking pregnant on the beach while on holiday.

During the call, the undercover “mystery client” is asked by BPAS staff why she wants an abortion.

“I’d be more than happy to have children in the future and stuff like that,” she replies.  

“And we’ve discussed that and we want children, but just not at this particular point in time because we’ve just literally, like, booked a holiday and we were just quite confined during the lockdown,” she continues.

“I mean, we’re both all right, but it’s just been a bit emotionally draining, all these restrictions and everything. And we were just so looking forward to this holiday and I just want to… We just wanted to really focus on this holiday and have a good time and not – I just didn’t want to worry about looking pregnant on the beach and all that. I just – it’s just so bad, the timing right now.”

The BPAS staff member replied, saying that it sounded as though the caller was emotionally unprepared for pregnancy. 

“It sounds to me that the individual reasons you’re giving come down to you just not being emotionally ready for a pregnancy right now,” the staff member said.

“Any reason that you ever give is always going to be valid for you. So whether it’s physically with regards to however you look or feel, with regards to nausea, again all your travel plans, it sounds maybe like a physical, emotional time that you’re not ready for pregnancy right now,” she continued.

“I don’t want to put words in your mouth. What I have to do is attach what you tell me to a legal reason...Any reason other than the sex of the baby is a valid reason to us, but to attach it to a legal reason, it sounds like emotionally it’s not the right time. Because it doesn’t necessarily sound like it’s financial, possibly slightly physical, it doesn’t sound maybe mentally, like you’re not ready.”

The mystery client agreed and the lobby group Christian Concern reported that the undercover caller received the abortion pills shortly after the call.

Since the introduction of “DIY abortions,” U.K. police have begun investigations into the death of a 28-week-old unborn baby after the mother took abortions pills sent in the post by BPAS.