After Bolton – Trump’s Great Chance

After Bolton – Trump’s Great Chance

Is this the moment Donald Trump really takes control of US foreign policy and stakes his claim in History as a great man of peace  who helped make a truly safer world? By removing the psychotic warmonger John Bolton, the President opened the door to this possibility, but it now all depends on who he picks as his successor.

 "There are five people that I consider very highly qualified," he said, without naming them. "We'll be announcing somebody next week, but we have some very highly qualified people."

If the five include the Trump-hating warmonger Brian Hook, the Bolton clone Fred Fleitz, or any of the other neo-con sabre-rattlers who infest Washington, Mr Trump could all too easily throw away this one final chance to avoid disastrous and ruinously expensive wars and foreign adventures, and concentrate on MAGA – just as he was elected to do.

Remembering the disasters of their ‘interventionist’ meddling in Iraq, Libya, Syria and  Ukraine, we pray that President Trump picks the right man, and kicks the warmongering neo-cons and corporate placemen into the trash can of history!