Airline Boss Turns Covid Stasi

Airline Boss Turns Covid Stasi

Ryanair billionaire boss Michael O’Leary wants to strip the vaxx-free of the right to fly and to deny them medical treatment.

Speaking to The Times, the airline CEO snarled: “I have no difficulty saying to people, you can fly, but you have to be vaccinated.

“We fully respect your right to be not vaccinated if you are one of the lunatic fringes who believe this is some government, big pharma conspiracy.

“But if you are not vaccinated, you can’t go to the supermarket, you can’t go to the pharmacy. You shouldn’t be allowed into hospital if you’re not vaccinated.”

Mr O’Leary said not allowing the unvaccinated to participate in certain activities would incentivise them to get the vaccine.

He said: "If you tell someone under 30 years of age that they cannot get into a pub they'd get vaccinated pretty damn quickly.

" If you want to be unvaccinated, that's fine, but we should increasingly not allow those to go to work, to travel on the Underground, to fly, to go to the supermarket, to go to pharmacies.”

If you are able to fly, make a point of avoiding Easyjet, in solidarity with those who O'Leary wants to discriminate and kill off - because that is the potential impact of denying them hospital treatment. So leave his seat empty!