Alberta Goes to War on Unvaccinated

Alberta Goes to War on Unvaccinated

The Premier of Alberta has broken his pledge to reject vaccine passports. The screeching U-turn means that the province will join the growing list of places waging low-level warfare against all those who refuse to take experimental and abortion-tainted vaccines against the rebranded flu virus.

Despite promising his province would be open “for good,” Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney has introduced a COVID-19 vaccine passport, effective from Monday, as well as new rules banning “unvaccinated” people from gathering in their private homes.

“The decision not to get vaccinated is not just a personal choice, it has real consequences for our whole society and the ability of our hospitals to cope,” said Kenney on Wednesday while announcing new restrictions.

“That is why the government has reluctantly decided to adopt the ‘Restriction Exemption Program,’ a proof of vaccination program for participation in certain discretionary activities that have a higher risk of viral transmission.”

Kenney began his press conference by declaring a state of emergency in Alberta due to high ICU rates. As of yesterday, there were 218 people in ICU in Alberta in relation to COVID-19.

Kenney’s harsh words for the “unvaccinated” also came with a note that “no one will be compelled to get vaccinated against their wishes.” Of course not! But those who refuse the vaccine will be stripped of the right to take part in 'discretionary activities' - including meeting members of their family indoors

Under the new rules, “unvaccinated” Albertans are banned from indoor social gatherings starting Thursday. Those who have been jabbed are allowed to gather indoors, however, they are limited to a single household plus one more household, at a maximum of 10 people. Kids under 12 are exempt.

Both those who have been jabbed and those who have chosen not to be will be allowed to gather outdoors, at a maximum of 200 people.

Kenney’s announcement Wednesday is a flip-flop regarding an earlier promise that he would not introduce vaccine passports in Alberta. He acknowledged this Wednesday.

“I had already committed not to introduce proof of vaccination because of concerns I had around privacy rights,” said Kenney. “But we must deal with the reality that we are facing.”