All Wrong on Biden's Watch

All Wrong on Biden's Watch

How long before Kamala Harris moves up from being fake VP to fake President? As the shock of the humiliating defeat of Nato imperial forces continues to strike home in the USA, it surely can't be far away.

We have always said that sending Western soldiers to meddle and die for nothing in Afghanistan was wrong. So we have no quarrel at all with the decision to withdraw - 'we' should never have gone in there in the first place, if revenge for 9/11 was truly wanted, then it should have been Saudi Arabia that was bombed and regime-changed.

The problem is the utterly incompetent handling of the withdrawal, and for that Sleepy Joe cannot blame his predecessor; he and his military commanders had nearly a year to plan for an orderly, timely end to the occupation. The fact that they didn't reflects on them, and them alone.

The loss of so many US Marines in the last hours of the 'Forever War' is truly a shame, as will be the fact that the sense of having done it all for nothing will lead to many more suicides among US and British veterans. For these things, we should all be very sad.

But the shambles in Kabul will be seen in history as another key moment in the collapse of the globalist Dollar Empire - and for that we should all thank the Lord. Because the Empire which is now dying has never been good for the American people, any more than it has been for the rest of the world. Wall Street money and Washington arrogance really got started on their 150-year killing spree by waging total war on the Confederacy. The whole rotten, open conspiracy to defraud the American people leapt forward with the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve in 1913. Then the money masters based in New York were key players in pushing Europe into two appalling wars, into which the elite drove America, with the help of tidal waves of war propaganda lies.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, the global elite claimed that their liberal System was now without rival. They even declared the 'End of History' - nothing would stop the implementation of their materialist, atheist, liberal version of democracy. The so-called 'Great Reset', is only the logical end of the process - a global liberal tyranny, in which nations, faith. freedom, tradition and private enterprise are crushed forever beneath the jackboot of woke surveillance corporatism.


That. at least, was the plan. But it started going awry almost as soon as it was made. The arrogant talk of the 'End of History' didn't cut any ice with the Russians - who have rebuilt a Christian nation on the rubble of defeated Communism. It didn't phase the Chinese, who don't want to rule the world, but do want to make huge profits through trading with it, and who refuse accept allowing Pride marches and transgender lunacy in Beijing as the price for doing so. And it certainly didn't impress the Afghans, who have defeated every Empire foolish enough to invade and attempt to reshape their wild land.

Far from History coming to an end, the last few years have seen it speed up. Even before NATO's panic-stricken rout in Afghanistan, the non-existent response of the USA to the pinpoint accuracy of the missiles used in the symbolic but hugely important response of Iran to the assassination of General Soleimani told anyone paying attention that the era of NATO military dominance had just ended. By striking American bases with missiles that took out targets without hitting barracks and shelters literally next door the Iranians made their point without inflicting the casualties which would further have ramped up tensions. They served notice that they (even without the Russians and Chinese, whose ballistic capabilities are even more advanced) now have the capability to inflict such damage on Western bases and carrier fleets that conventional war is now no longer an option for NATO.

With their bluff called by Iran, and their backsides kicked by the Taliban, the globalist criminals have now lost all credibility in their other sordid overseas ventures, including in Ukraine, Syria, Taiwan, Yemen and Palestine. One by one, their puppet regimes and terrorist proxies are going to fall. And unless they're willing to use nuclear missiles and destroy the world, there's nothing they can do about it.

Defeated abroad, the liberal elite will now be forced to concentrate their looting operations and power-grabs more and more against their own people, rather than against the rest of the world as was their former preference. Covid lockdowns. Trans agendas. Biometric surveillance. Climate lockdowns. Electronic central currency. Mark of the Beast microchips. All these and more are coming our way as the dying liberal Evil Empire tries to make up for losing control of the world by seizing total control of us.

It's a grim outlook, but it's nothing to fear. Because if the Taliban and their Moon God could beat global liberalism, than so can we and Jesus Christ! Especially as we don't even have to beat their rotten, decaying, suicidal System. Their efforts to dismantle the modern world in order to provide sacrifices pleasing to the earth goddess of Climate Change will inevitably spin out of control and lead to economic and social chaos, to match the moral collapse caused by their equally insane and relentless assault on normality.

The sheer indecent haste with which these hugely powerful crazies are pushing forward their toxic, Satanic agenda is itself proof of their insecurity.

They have the watches, but we have the time.