Amazon Sells Demon Book for Kids

Amazon Sells Demon Book for Kids

Amazon is among the big corporations which are ruthlessly censoring patriots, Christians and pro-lifers. All sorts of books and other merchandise produced to promote healthy, traditionalist organisations and issues have been banned by the distribution giant. 

But Amazon is still happily profiting from the sale of disgusting and dangerous books promoting Satanism and obsession with demons to children. 

Among the items sold are "A Children's Book of Demons," which teaches children how to make sigils to summon demons, and a "Satanic Coloring Book." Some of the books mimic a conjuring guide where children are encouraged to call on demons by drawing out sigils, symbols used to summon devils to one's bidding. According to reports:

"[A] book, titled A Children's Book of Demons, is available in paperback and authored by illustrator Aaron Leighton (pictured below), who describes himself as a 'fan of all things occult.'

leighton bioshot 2017 e1575403457449 "A Children's Book of Demons" Teaches Children How to Summon Demons

"The book is marketed as appropriate for ages 5 to 10. "'Don't want to take out the trash tonight? Maybe you're swimming in homework? Perhaps that big bully is being a real drag?' the description of the book reads. 'Well grab your coloured pencils and sigil drawing skills and dial up some demons!'

Downplaying conjuring demons as a "parody" is no small matter. On the contrary, it makes demons seem innocuous to children, and introduces them to practices of the occult. This effectively destroys children's innocence by eroding the barriers of horror of the devil and by equating evil with good.

 Books a Million and Barnes & Noble both removed the book after protests by angry parents. Amazon's Jeff Bezos, however, is so obscenely rich that threats of lost revenue have no effect on his whatsoever. It seems that the only thing these super rich elitists will understand is if they are accosted in the streets if they ever dare to go out into the real world inhabited by ordinary people. Or perhaps the ordinary people need to go to the gates of their gated mansions, armed with bullhorns and other equipment useful for getting their point across.