Americans Can Walk Tall Today!

Americans Can Walk Tall Today!

64 million unborn Americans were poisoned to death or torn apart limb from limb because of the appalling and misjudged ruling of Roe vs Wade. But America wakes today as a country which, finally, can look on the majority of the world from the moral high ground.

Even Russia - in so many ways now the leading Christian nation on Earth, and thankfully a place where abortion numbers are dropping - is now a more dangerous place for an unborn baby than the United States of America. Patriotic and Christian Americans finally have something over which to hold their heads high, and all those who have played an active role in the near fifty years fight to overturn Roe vs Wade are especially entitled to do so.


Yesterday's Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization means that the butchery of unborn babies is effectively already illegal in 13 entire states. Another dozen or so are likely to follow suit over the next couple of months, making more than half of the entire USA free from the dark, bloody stain of infanticide.

The case was the result of the last abortion clinic in Mississippi opposing state efforts to ban abortion after 15 weeks and overturn Roe.

“We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled,” said the majority opinion, written by Samuel Alito and joined by four other conservatives, referring also to a 1992 ruling which buttressed Roe. “The constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision.”

Chief Justice John Roberts said he would have upheld Mississippi’s law but not overruled Roe. Three liberal justices dissented.

Welcome though the result is, the fight for Life will of course continue. A fresh push must now be made to pass pro-life laws in other states, while we can be sure that the liberal/leftist/libertarian/corporate/LGBTQ/Satanic alliance will now engage in frantic and increasingly extreme efforts to return America and her babies to Moloch.

But, for now, this morning, raise up your hands and voice and praise the Lord. "Safe. Safe at last!"