Amnesty Calls for PC Witch Hunts

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Amnesty Calls for PC Witch Hunts

Amnesty was founded to defend 'prisoners of conscience' - people jailed for their beliefs. But in a staggering display of the 'intolerance of the tolerant', one of its leading figures is now demanding that people who dare to assert that male and female are biologically determined facts of life should be stripped of their right to political representation.

Colm O’Gorman, executive director of Amnesty International Ireland, put his organisation’s name to a letter calling for the silencing of anyone who criticises the cult of transgenderism. The letter, published by Gay Community News in Ireland, calls for 'solidarity with the trans community' and denounces those who promote ‘transphobic’ views. The letter says that organisations that seek to ‘defend biology’ are by definition bigoted, it says. Defend biology. If you accept the biological reality of male and female, that humans, like all mammals, are born a particular sex, then you are a hateful, despicable person who, in the words of the letter, should be ‘denied legitimate representation’ by politicians.

The letter is signed by various groups. The National Women’s Council of Ireland, LGBT Ireland, the Irish Network Against Racism… and Amnesty International. Amnesty’s inclusion is particularly disturbing, because it means that an organisation founded specifically to defend the right to speak out on controversial issues is openly demanding that people should be persecuted for following their conscience.
The new transgender bigots don't just have traditionalists and Christians in their sights. Much of their ire is actually directed against feminists and lesbian groups, as they are increasingly concerned at the way the 'trans' movement is forcing biological men into women's sports and 'safe spaces'. While the sight of the sexual 'revolutionaries' falling out in such spectacular style is amusing on one level, the idea that people should be silenced, deplatformed and prosecuted for recognising biological reality is in fact a sinister warning of a growing intolerance and fanaticism which is a very real threat to all normal people, particularly the parents of young children. 


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