Another 'Conspiracy Theory' Becomes Reality

Another 'Conspiracy Theory' Becomes Reality

Before the covid plandemic, the idea that governments all over the world would launch a radical drive to destroy cash and to replace traditional earnings with 'Universal Basic Income' handouts was just another 'conspiracy theory'. But now it's coming true before our very eyes.

Cash in people's pockets will be superseded by a new 'Britcoin' digital currency in a plan being pushed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

In what Treasury insiders say would be the biggest upheaval in the monetary system for centuries, the privately owned Bank of England would establish a direct digital equivalent to physical money and take control of it in the same way as sterling.

Its supporters in the Treasury say that it would allow the Bank to give the economy a boost in times of financial crisis by paying 'Britcoins' directly into people's bank accounts. The ultimate 'helicopter money' would increasingly replace traditional earnings as covid and climate lockdowns continue to destroy the private enterprise economy.

A taskforce of Treasury and Bank officials set up to examine the merits of Britcoin – known as the Central Bank Digital Currency – is due to report to Mr Sunak by the end of the year. The same is going on the the USA and most other 'advanced' countries, with China's plans to completely merge the powers of the State and the banks particularly far advanced.

Do not confuse this with crypto-currency. Crypto is created through real electronic work online and is outside the control of both the State and the banking system. Central bank digital currency, by contrast, is the ultimate weapon by which the State will strip away the last of your freedom and privacy. Exactly as the 'conspiracy theorists' warned you!

There's just one part of the jigsaw left - to link your state-controlled digital handouts and payments system to a 'Mark of the Beast' chip inserted in your body. And that's coming very soon!