Another MSM Ukraine Lie Bites The Dust

Another MSM Ukraine Lie Bites The Dust

We all know the MSM lie. Regularly. Routinely. And shamelessly. But the coverage of the war that Nato provoked in Ukraine is astoundingly dishonest, even by the abysmal standards of the West's Lying Press.

Three Big Lies stand out above all the others though: The 'heroic resistance to the death' of a group of Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island; the Ghost of Kyiv airman who shot down 40 Russian fighter jets, and the Bucha Massacre.


The Snake Island tale fell apart when Russian produced footage of the men - who had actually surrendered - being given food and water and marched off as POWs.

The Bucha Massacre has been exposed as in truth being the work of Ukrainian Nazis slaughtering civilians who had 'collaborated' by accepting food parcels from Russian soldiers. Our own investigation into the truth of this ghastly crime was sufficiently in-depth and effective to be run as a report on the Unz Review - one of the best and most authoritative alternative news sources on the English-speaking world. If you missed it, you will find it here:

The MSM and Nato politicians have responded to the emergence of the grim truth of Kiev's guilt by going very quiet about the 'Bucha Massacre', although they have not yet had the decency to admit that their 'victims' were in fact the perpetrators. We're not holding our breath on this one!

But the third of the trio of Ukrainian Big Lies has now also been exposed as a hoax from start to finish. The hysterically anti-Russian UK Daily Mail, has just published (2nd May 2022) a report admitting that the Ukrainians themselves have now admitted that the 'Ghost of Kyiv' in fact never existed.

"Valiant fighter pilot the 'Ghost of Kyiv', who shot down 40 Russian warplanes to defend the capital, is just a myth, Ukraine has admitted.

"The 'Ghost' was an inspiring symbol of Ukraine's steadfast resistance against the Russian invasion.  

"Air Force Major Stepan Tarabalka, 29, was wrongly identified as the 'Ghost' in media reports, prompting the Ukrainian army to finally dispel the myth.

"Mr Tarabalka was a real pilot who died in battle on March 13. He was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Ukraine, Ukraine´s air force said last month. But he was not the Ghost of Kyiv, the force said.

"'The information about the death of the The Ghost of Kyiv is incorrect,' Ukraine´s air force wrote in a separate post Saturday on Twitter."

The Ukrainian air force official then engaged in some very creative writing to try to soften the blow:

"'The Ghost Of Kyiv is alive, it embodies the collective spirit of the highly qualified pilots of the Tactical Aviation Brigade who are successfully defending Kyiv and the region.'"

The Mail tries to help by referring to the deliberate lie as a 'legend': "The legend emerged just a day after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, as social media users began to spread claims of an anonymous fighter pilot who had single-handedly taken down scores of Russian planes."

No, it was not a 'legend', it was a deliberate and childish lie, which was described as such by the Russians at the time. The Mail knowingly went along with it, using the hoax to whip up hatred and sell papers. As each lie falls, they simply produce another.