Another Transgender Non-April Fool

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Another Transgender Non-April Fool

Attention Canadians, Kiwis and residents of Democrat-run states and cities! If you thought YOUR masters are barking mad, just take a look at Great Britain's spy chiefs....

The UK's overseas spying service, MI6 has flown the transgender flag from its London headquarters for the first time to mark the Transgender Day of Visibility.

Richard Moore, who is known as C for Controller, said trans and non-binary spies have helped make the secret service stronger.

He told of his pride in his staff after ordering the flag to be flown from the roof of the building on the Thames for the whole of the last week.

He told of his pride in his staff after ordering the flag to be flown this week from the roof of the building on the Thames

The ridiculous and offensive flag is made up of blue, pink and white stripes representing traditional male and female colours with the white for people who are 'transitioning' gender or who do not identify as a certain gender. Asking how someone who can't even work out what sex they are has the brains to be a spy would, of course, disqualify a traditionalist from getting a job with MI6. Some people are more diverse than others!

MI6 has been flying a rainbow flag to mark Gay Pride since 2015 and the secret service has been hailed as one of the top employers for LGBT+ staff by aggressive LGBTQ+ lobby group Stonewall.

In February, Mr Moore apologised for the agency's past treatment of LGBT+ people, adding they had deprived themselves of the 'best talent' Britain can offer.

Just a few years ago, a story like this appearing in early April could only have been an April Fool spoof that a few real fools mistakenly thought was real. But these days, every day's a day for fools in Britain. Liberalism is in its terminal phase, and the madness is beyond satire.


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