Another Vicious Snake Strikes!

Another Vicious Snake Strikes!

An ungrateful ‘refugee’ – who had just been granted British citizenship AND funding to be a student – deliberately rammed his car into cyclists outside Parliament after emailing Jeremy Corbyn to complain about the ‘intelligence service’ was today found guilty of two attempted murders. 

Salih Khater, 30, ploughed his Ford Fiesta into a pedestrian and a group of cyclists who had stopped at a red light in Parliament Square on August 14 last year.

He then careered into a security lane and crashed into barriers as two police officers jumped out of the way.

The attack was caught on CCTV footage which was played in court.

Khater had a grudge against the government, which he thought was interfering in his life.

Prosecutors said his choice of target suggested it was a terrorist attack although there was no evidence that he had become a radicalised Muslim.

However police never recovered the material he was viewing on computers at the Bunna internet cafe in Sparkhill, Birmingham and say that his exact motive remains a mystery.

Khater had become a British citizen four weeks before the attack and appears to have been frustrated that his application for a British passport, so that he could return to Sudan to visit his sick mother, had been delayed.

Khater selected an ‘iconic site’ of ‘national importance’ and ‘intended to kill vulnerable members of the public on their way to work and police officers manning a barrier, in each case using his car as a lethal weapon’, Alison Morgan QC, prosecuting, said.

It was obvious that he intended to ’cause maximum death and injury’ in order to make ‘some form of statement’ but ‘precisely why he wanted to kill people who he did not know, is not clear’ she said

‘We don’t know very much about Salih Khater, but we do know he was an angry and paranoid man,.”

Which begs the question – if little was known about the Sudanese ‘refugee’, why on earth was he given British citizenship?