Anti-White Rapper Walks Free From Court

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Anti-White Rapper Walks Free From Court

A racist ‘Afro-French’ rapper who was charged with inciting murder by calling for white babies to be killed in a music video has been let off by a court without even having to pay a fine. The move highlights yet again the appalling double-standards of the liberal elite when it comes to racism.


Quite literally, in more and more countries it is enough for a white person to LOOK at a ‘person of colour’ in a way they feel is less than approving for the ‘offender’ to be fired from their job and dragged before a court. But when it’s the other way around, the most violent and hate-filled slogans and imagery are just regarded as ‘artistic expression’.

In Nick Conrad’s French music video titled ‘Hang the Whites’ he was depicted torturing and murdering a white man and called for Caucasian babies to be killed.

The 35-year-old caused outrage last year when he released the film showing a white man being abducted, tortured, shot and hanged from a tree.

In one scene from ‘PLB’ – short for ‘Pendez Les Blancs’, or ‘Hang Whites’ in English – the little-known rapper and an associate drag their white victim along the pavement and kick him in the head.

A gun is also forced down his throat and he is ordered to ‘suck it’.

After the man is humiliated and repeatedly asked what it is that white people can do well, he is told to run and is then shot in the back. The lyrics evoke the killing of adults and children and advocated killing ‘white babies’ and ‘hanging their parents’.

The rapper of Cameroonian descent is on trial in Paris where prosecutors could have demanded up to five years in jail and a fine of up to £40,142 (€45,000).

But prosecutors refused to demand jail or even a fine for the rapper after he was charged with ‘direct provocation to commit attacks on life’.

As well as not demanding jail, they only asked for a ‘suspended’ fine of £4,460 (€5,000) meaning the rapper would only pay a punishment if he offends again.

The double-standards and contempt for native French people displayed by the liberal legal system is, of course, just one of the things fueling the continuing Yellow Vest protests against the Macron regime and leading to widespread demands for massive reform of the political system to restore power to ordinary French citizens.

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