As UK Election Looms – Never Forget THIS

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As UK Election Looms – Never Forget THIS

Jeremy Corbyn has supported every anti-British cause under the sun throughout his grubby and very profitable political career.

But if the pro-Brexit (however imperfect) parties cannot agree an effective electoral pact, this is the man they risk making the UK’s next Prime Minister.

He’s seen here with IRA godfather Gerry Adams – and the reality of the IRA’s long and bloody campaign is highlighted in the video below. But, of course, Corbyn’s appalling policies have always gone far beyond supporting IRA murderers.

He also (like his friend Adams) supports murdering babies through abortion. And, just like Adams, he supports mass immigration from Africa and Arabia on a scale that is replacing the British and Irish peoples in our own homelands.

To be brutally honest, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage aren’t much better on those points either, but at least they’ve never cosied up to IRA murderers.

And at least – unlike Corbyn – a vote for them gives the British people at least a chance of the break from Brussels that they voted for three years ago.

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