How are Australia’s COVID authorities going to explain away a 63% drop in births?

How are Australia’s COVID authorities going to explain away a 63% drop in births?

The key to the medical tyranny that has been imposed on Australians over the last three years is the claim by “authorities,” whether government bureaucrats, politicians, or professional bodies, that they knew the truth about the virus and the so-called “vaccines.”

Anyone who questioned that authority was demonized as ignorant, censored, and in some cases attacked or had their career ended. It was a bullying strategy based on the asymmetrical use of doubt: “You are not allowed to doubt us, but we can raise doubts about everything you might think or say – because who are you to ask questions?"

How, then, are Australia’s all-knowing “authorities” going to explain away the scarcely believable drop in Australia’s birth rate that has just been revealed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics? From October to November in 2021, there was a 21 per cent decrease in births (when compared with the average over a 10-year period), and from November to December there was a 63 per cent decrease. December was about nine months after the roll-out of the COVID vaccines.  

It is possible that some of these numbers will be revised, but should the trend continue Australia will finish up with empty maternity wards. Even the propagandists running government media departments, and the so-called journalists mimicking everything they say, will have trouble hiding that problem.  

There is, of course, some doubt about what might fully explain this. But there is no doubt that something is very wrong. There is also no doubt that if the “authorities,” especially those who are laughably referred to as public servants, say nothing, as they surely will not, then it will once again prove they are a menace to the public they are supposed to serve. 

There will be attempts to throw doubt on what the statistics mean. “Correlation is not causation; how do we know the vaccines caused the problem? How do we know the trend will continue? There are multiple causes of birth problems, so how do we know which ones had an influence? Oh dear, it is all so complex, and only those of us trained in the empirical method and familiar with medical terminology could possibly understand – unlike you.” 

It will be misdirection. Instead of answering the only relevant question – “Why is this happening?” – the strategy will inevitably be to attack attempts by the public to explain the cause. That is why former Federal Senator George Christensen sensibly only asked a question: “Is the jab to blame?” in his article on the ABS data. He no doubt realizes that drawing conclusions opens you up to attacks. 

The answers are, of course, not available, and may take years. But it is not hard to mount a circumstantial case that the so-called vaccines are very likely to have been responsible. Establishing aetiology is always difficult; the human body is complex. But when the clinical trial data from Pfizer – which they tried to hide for 75 years – points to multiple problems affecting fertility, it looks very much like a smoking gun. 

Naomi Wolf and a team of investigators have uncovered many issues that were known about before the release of the vaccine, and which should have been known by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the government body tasked with approving new drugs in Australia (although one would not be surprised if they just followed the US Federal Drugs Administration without even looking).  

Here is the list: 

1) Male fertility issues affecting semen and causing prostate issues, which affects fertility. The FDA received this document from Pfizer on April 1, 2021. 

2) Pfizer knew in their own records that women were sustaining 75 per cent of the adverse events and of those 16 per cent were what Pfizer called reproductive disorders, female reproductive disorders.  

3) Sonograms are showing abnormal inflammation and calcification in foetuses about eight weeks after vaccination. 

4) There were penile injuries recorded in the Pfizer results. 

5) Because it was illegal to trial the drug on pregnant women, tests were conducted on pregnant rats instead. Some women, however, became pregnant during the trial. Pfizer ‘lost’ most of their records, but of those they did keep the miscarriage rate was 87.5 per cent. On what grounds did the TGA give advice in Australia that the jabs were safe for pregnant women? 

There are other pointers to fertility problems with the jab. Christensen cites the case of the Brisbane-based fertility specialist Dr Luke McLindon who had reported a jump in miscarriages in his patients, from the ordinary 12 to 15 per cent rate to 74 per cent with his ‘vaccinated’ patients. The level with unvaccinated patients stayed about the same. When McLindon tried to draw attention to this, he was fired from Brisbane’s Mater Hospital. 

Australia’s arrogant, mendacious health authorities are starting to shift their ground in an effort to cover their tracks. They are advising against a fourth injection (a second booster) for anyone under 30 because of the increased risk of myocarditis. It is even being reported by mainstream media, which means the unfortunates who believed that the health authorities actually knew what they were talking about are getting something of a shock, especially those who inoculated their young children.  

What is needed at this point is not complete answers, but the right questions. Questions that the media has disgracefully failed to ask and then, even more disgracefully, attacked others for asking. 

The first queries will take time to answer, but they must be posed: “Why is the drop in the fertility rate happening? Why has the death rate in Australia jumped? Why is the average age of death from Covid identical to life expectancy in Australia?” 

Then we have questions to which the answer is obvious and which reveal what a monstrosity the policies have been: “How can you say the jabs are effective when you have to get another one every few months? Why are people who are supposedly vaccinated getting sick from Covid? Indeed, there seems to be evidence they are more likely to get sick! How can you know the drugs are safe in the medium term when they were only tested in the very short term (remembering that the damage done by Thalidomide took five years to emerge)?

“Will the jabs – they are not vaccines but gene therapies – ever be properly approved? Now that Pfizer has acknowledged that it did not have data showing the jabs slowed transmission, on what basis did you lock people out of society and remove them from the work place because of the supposed health threat? Why were people who tested positive but had no symptoms treated as a ‘case’ when they had no disease at all?” 

Then we come to the final question: “Given that what you have done is a homicide, on what basis are you in your job and when are you going to have the decency to resign?”