London Council Claimed Three-Month-Old Babies Are Racially Biased

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London Council Claimed Three-Month-Old Babies Are Racially Biased

Islington Council in London has in the past published claims that babies as young as three months old can show racial bias, demanding that extremely young children should be talked to about the issue of “race”.

The post was recently uncovered by reporters at The Telegraph after the paper previously found that a number of councils across the United Kingdom had hired the services of a “Maoist” anti-whiteness organisation for the purpose of giving nursery staff racial awareness training.

According to a report published on Saturday, one of the councils to avail itself of the diversity training services provided by the so-called Black Nursery Manager consultancy also previously claimed that babies as young as three months old could be racially biased towards their own carers.

Appearing in a post originally uploaded by an account associated with the Islington Council in 2021, the claim appeared alongside another which said that “white children are strongly biased in favour of whiteness” by the time they turn five years old, as well as a link to material produced by the state-owned, left-wing, BBC on how to talk to toddlers about race.

The Telegraph‘s discovery comes shortly after the paper found that a significant number of local councils had hired an organisation pushing controversial Critical Race Theory-style ideas to train nursery staff in their regions.


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