Back to school and back to new sex ed

Back to school and back to new sex ed

The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact upon the education of our children and many of the children who will be returning to school in September will have gone more than six months without seeing the inside of a classroom. 

Even the most conscientious  parents know that zoom-meetings and remote education are no substitute to face to face interaction with teachers and regular homework. 

In a recent poll it was estimated that over 700,000 school children have had no lessons at all with others not being able to use the internet and busy parents not able to provide the relevant supervision and guidance. 

Yet in September, as soon as children return to the classroom, schools will be expected to fully implement the new Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)   guidelines, even for children as young as three. 

Surely, with so much time having been missed from the curriculum and with children struggling to catch-up,  now is the time to prioritise basic literary and numeracy skills, not  indoctrinating children about sex and  relationships.

Of course, missed education is not the only reason why Relationships and Sex Education should not be forcibly introduced in schools in September. 

So far, there has been  a total lack of parental consultation and opportunity to peruse the kinds of resources and materials which will be used for this topic. 

So far over 6  county councils have announced that they are withdrawing their controversial ‘trans inclusion toolkits’ following a legal challenge. These toolkits would have allowed for anyone who identified as the opposite sex, to use the toilets and changing rooms associated with that sex, leading to the spectre of teenage girls being forced to share their intimate spaces with teenage boys. It is not clear what will replace this, education authorities  have been waiting for over 2 years for guidance  from the Equality and Human Rights commissions, but many of the councils are still defiantly defending their  promotion of gender ideology in schools. 

Material from LGBT lobby groups  such as Stonewall, who aggressively support and promote gender ideology is already  in use in several schools and so are programmes  such  as the  controversial  “No Outsiders” which is all about the introduction of  queer theory into primary schools. 

These groups are capitalising on the crisis by promoting and advertising the materials they have ready for the introduction of compulsory RSE into schools, knowing that there will be little time for any kind of oversight by teachers or school management who are already pressed for time.

It is not only that the coronavirus has left little time for this compulsory element to be introduced, it is also that primary schools in particular are no place for this type of ‘education’. 

In case you are in any kind of doubt as to the type of material and agenda being pushed to children, one toolkit specifically promotes and normalises anal sex and also states that the idea of safe sexual practices is ‘unrealistic’. 

I don’t know if you saw the news that last week a school was forced to apologise because a child as young as eleven was even asked to research describe hardcore and transgender pornography as part of her homework as combination of the type of agenda being promoted in schools and a lack of any kind of teacher oversight. 

Until Gavin Willamson can remove the grip of LGBT lobby groups in education then any kind of RSE must not be made mandatory in schools, especially not a time when children and teachers are struggling to catch up.

Add your name: Say no to the introduction of troubling RSE content into schools and the indoctrination of children by signing this petition to the Education Secretary.