Ballot Fraud Evidence Piles Up

Ballot Fraud Evidence Piles Up

The fake new media refuse to show footage like this to the American people. Even talking about it is banned on Twitter. The Big Steal is still a Democrat work in progress but - out in RealWorld - the evidence of mass fraud is piling up. Pioneer citizen journalists Project Verita are among the front-runners collating evidence from whistle-blowers and eye-witnesses to the scandal.

A whistleblower within the United States Postal Service (USPS) office for Coraopolis and Moon Township, Pennsylvania, says he was told to collect mail-in ballots, which he took to mean they would be back-dated as having been mailed in time to be legally counted.

“On Wednesday the fourth, we checked in at the time clock,” the anonymous postal worker told Project Veritas chief James O’Keefe. “The postmaster then told us that if we were to find any ballots on our routes that day, we were to collect them, keep them separate in a hod, which is what we call our plastic bins, bring them back, and then we would put them in another hod and then they would send them to be counted.”

The video also shows O’Keefe making a follow-up call to Malia, who hangs up without answering questions.

Project Veritas added that the whistleblower says he overheard Malia chide Wood for having “postmarked one of the ballots for the fourth, instead of the third, because they were supposed to put them for third,” and that post office inspectors have interviewed him about what he witnessed.

The latest report follows Project Veritas scoops about allegations of USPS personnel backdating ballots and offering to give ballots to strangers in Michigan.

The Trump campaign sued to be given access to a mail-in ballot counting center in Philadelphia, where their representatives were initially blocked from being allowed to observe the process.

Once of the most outrageous parts of the whole giant fraud is the arrogant disregard that the mainstream media are showing for their audience. All tell the blatant lie that critics of the process - from President Trump downwards - have sought to stop the counting of legitimately cast ballots which comply with the requirements. The reality, of course, is that the ballots at issue have been those which were cast or arrived past the legal deadline. An election should be over when the rules say it is over - not kept going until the losers have found, manufactured or corrected enough votes to become the winners.