Banksters’ Eviction Ploy Stopped In Its Tracks

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Banksters’ Eviction Ploy Stopped In Its Tracks

When Dutch-based international bank KBC wanted to evict three elderly Irish siblings from their home, they and their Dublin political elite cronies couldn’t find Irish bailiffs willing to do it. So they came up with a ‘cunning plan’!

They decided to use a gang of Protestant ‘heavies’ from Northern Ireland to do their dirty work and – to their shame – the toughs agreed to do it.

Clearly the banksters also thought that the move would cause an outburst of old-fashioned sectarianism, which would deflect attention from the real issue: Their greed and the way the political elite are their servile puppets.

When local people rallied to the defence of the family, it did indeed look for a short time as though people would be fooled into thinking it was a sectarian issue, thus letting the banksters off the hook.

But the Yellow Vest movement took up the case and brought the focus back on the banks. And then the KTI’s volunteer spokesman Jim Dowson made a personal video, which went viral.

Jim’s video (the final one of the three below) attracted enormous attention in Eire, with wall-to-wall positive comments. It even gained him several very sympathetic interviews on popular Irish alternative media sites. Watch and see why!

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