Bernie Refuses to Condemn Far-Left Violence

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Underneath the old, genteel demeanour of Bernie Sanders is a raging NKVD agent just bursting to eliminate the "counter-revolutionaries" opposed to his radical agenda of free stuff for work shy and high tax for the actual working people.

In an interview with CNN's anti-Trump mouthpiece Jake Tapper, Bernie point-blankly refused to condemn violence against Conservatives and Patriots.

" I don’t think it’s a question of high or going low. I think it’s a question of telling the truth. The truth is you have a president who lies all of the time, a pathological liar. I don’t think that’s what the American people want."

Leaving aside the accusation that President Trump is a pathological liar, Bernie doesn't seem to understand the reasons we hold elections. President Trump WON the 2016 Presidential election because he was in fact what the American people wanted!

Tapper then asked Bernie if "people who are Republican officials be disrupted when they are eating a meal at a restaurant? Is it appropriate for protesters to be banging on the doors of the Supreme Court," to which Bernie, doing his best to dodge the question replied:

 I am very strongly in favor of mobilizing the American people to stand up and fight for economic justice, social justice, and racial and environmental justice. I think we have to mobilize people. I am not a great fan of being rude or disrupting activities, but, this is what I will say. This entire 2018 election is going to come down to two words and that is ‘voter turnout.’ If you are out there and you’re sick and tired of what’s going on with the very rich getting richer while the middle class continues to struggle, then you are not going to have to get out and vote, but you’re going to have to get your friends and your families to vote.

The word in Washington is Bernie will be running as a candidate in the Democratic Primaries next year, and his support among the youth has not subsided, making him the clear favourite to face Trump as the official Democratic nominee. A debate between an anti-private property, home-owning (five homes, that is) radical socialist and a President that has presided over an economic miracle, who just so happens to be one world's most successful business men; we are assured some entertainment come the televised debates. 


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