Biden refuses to mention God in National Day of Prayer address

Biden refuses to mention God in National Day of Prayer address

Joe Biden, a self-professed “devout Catholic,” failed to mention God even once during his National Day of Prayer address on Wednesday, instead emphasizing “moral movements” and issues like “racial injustice.”

“Throughout our history, Americans of many religions and belief systems have turned to prayer for strength, hope, and guidance,” Biden said, without referring to Christianity or Jesus Christ. “Prayer has nourished countless souls and powered moral movements — including essential fights against racial injustice, child labor, and infringement on the rights of disabled Americans.” 

“The First Amendment to our Constitution protects the rights of free speech and religious liberty, including the right of all Americans to pray,” he continued. “These freedoms have helped us to create and sustain a nation of remarkable religious vitality and diversity across the generations.”

In fact, the First Amendment protects the freedom to practice one’s religion, not just “pray,” although Democrats and leftists have used the coronavirus outbreak as a pretext to ban people from going to church. In April 2020, a California county went so far as to ban any singing during live-streamed church services in empty church buildings. “Wind instruments” and “harmonicas” were also deemed a threat. 

The God-less address resembles the official White House Easter message last month that similarly failed to mention Jesus Christ and was used to pressure people to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. 

Despite Biden styling himself as a practicing Catholic, he makes continued, and anti-Christian, radical attacks on life, family, and faith.