Biden Prepares War on Vaccine Resisters

Biden Prepares War on Vaccine Resisters

The Democrat regime has just taken a big step towards full-on vaccine totalitarianism. Fake President Biden bumbled his way through a prepared speech at the White House yesterday, announcing that major pressure is now going to be applied to force 90 million Americans to submit to the jab.

The excuse is now the latest variant of covid. Despite the fact that this basically harmless bug is also surging in fully vaccinated Iceland, the Democrat figurehead claimed that "this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated".

The semi-senile puppet went on to announce that healthy people who refuse to take an experimental vaccine for something that is no danger to them "should expect inconvenience".

The unconstitutional measures being imposed to force Americans to submit to vaccination include bribery, blackmail and coercion.

Biden urged States to pay people $100 each to accept the jab. He threatened that vaccine resisters will not be allowed to work for the government, and announced a vaccine apartheid system which will turn the unvaccinated into second class citizens.

Four million government workers are to be forced to accept the jab, with the Pentagon immediately following suit by announcing that all 1.5 million US troops are to be ordered to submit too.

Private contractors are also in the line of fire. "If you want to do business with the federal government, get your workers vaccinated", Biden threatened.

As well as loss of jobs and income, resisters will shortly face regular and intrusive tests, extra social distancing measures, masks and travel restrictions. Plus, of course, a campaign of demonisation propaganda blaming them for every death with a positive test (which cannot differentiate between covid and a common cold).

Biden stopped short of announcing vaccine passports on the new Canadian model, but we can all see where this liberal elite scam is headed.

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