Biden's New World Order Boast VIDEO

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Biden's New World Order Boast VIDEO

"New World Order". There are still some people out there who call it a 'conspiracy theory'! But, yet again, Joe Biden's script writers and puppet-masters 'flash' the public with their dirty open secret. 
In just the last week, we've had the verification of Hunter's laptop, Ashley's diary, drastic revisions of the official history of the Covid plandemic - and now this.

Someone once said "the devil has no self control". They will always let the cat out of the bag at a point. The warmonger Bush exploited the tragedy of 9/11 to introduce the phrase, and repeated it as he launched his ghastly attack on Iraq. Klaus Schwab said it at Davos 2019 and Biden just said it again today. Let's get right with God folks!


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