Big Tech Silences Christian Patriot on Election Day

Big Tech Silences Christian Patriot on Election Day

The mainstream media continue with their endless and baseless conspiracy theory about 'Russian interference in our elections', but the real truth is that the only people guilty of such meddling are the globalist Lying Press and liberal Big Tech.

The latest example emerged yesterday. On the very day of the London mayoral elections in the U.K., Facebook imposed a 7 day ban on London Mayor candidate David Kurten, for his challenging of the global narrative and his opposition to COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine passports.

Mr Kurten, the founder and leader of the pro-life and pro-family Heritage Party has served as a member of the London Assembly since being elected as a UKIP candidate four years ago. He stood for the Assembly again yesterday, as well as running a forlorn hope candidacy for London mayor. 

On the morning of the elections, Kurten was served with a week-long ban by social media giant, Facebook. Flagging a total of five posts dating back to October 2020 posted on Kurten’s individual page, as well as the Heritage Party account, Facebook said that Kurten’s posts “didn’t follow our Community Standards.”

Among the offending posts were one which explained how the developers of the COVID-19 injections have no liability for the drugs, while the second expressed his, and the Heritage Party’s, firm opposition to lockdowns and vaccine passports. 

Noting the calculated timing of the ban, Kurten took to Twitter and described the ban as “an outrage and an attack on free speech and democracy.”

I have been given a 7 day ban from posting on Facebook on the day of the London Mayor and Assembly Elections. This is an outrage and an attack on free speech and democracy.

— David Kurten (@davidkurten) May 6, 2021

A few weeks ago, he was served with a 7 day ban from Google’s video platform YouTube, for “disagreeing with the WHO” [World Health Organization, which is headed by a hardcore Marxist revolutionary].

In both his online presence, and on the campaign trail, Kurten has made no secret about his pro-life, pro-family and anti-lockdown views. He has repeatedly raised awareness of the hastily developed COVID-19 injections, and encouraged his followers to reject the mainstream media in favor of smaller, independent outlets that challenge the global narrative. 

The manifesto of the Heritage Party expressly rejects the modern notions about “queer theory or gender fluidity,” stating that “is a scientific fact that there are two sexes: male and female, which are determined by anatomy and chromosomes.”

Kurten’s party also promotes the use of wholesome educational materials, promising to block texts or lessons which “encourage early sexual activity in children before they reach the age of consent, or inappropriate materials detailing non-reproductive sexual acts.”

He is unashamedly pro-life, noting that “in every abortion a human life is ended,” and promising to “completely defund UK government support for abortion programs outside the UK.”

Mr. Kurten regularly posts on social media, demonstrating his defence of traditional, family values, and protesting against the liberalisation of society: “Lockdowns are unnecessary and disproportionate. There are two sexes - male and female. Mass, rapid, illegal immigration is bad. Marriage is a man and a woman. There is no climate emergency. Unborn children are children. All lives matter.”

This latest example of social media censorship highlights yet again the huge opportunity that Donald Trump has missed with his failure to produce a genuine and effective broad social media platform. The one man who could have inspired and secured the funding for a new collective online home for the 'right' has completely missed the point. This makes alternative platforms like Purge.TV even more important; it is now clear that, unless we act to secure our own rights, people like us will have no voice at all.