Blasphemous Film of Mary Gets Good Friday Release

Blasphemous Film of Mary Gets Good Friday Release

Sony Pictures is releasing a new film on Good Friday that severely blasphemes Mary, the Mother of Jesus, by portraying her as some sort of devil.

Based on James Herbert’s horror novel “Shrine,” the film “The Unholy” depicts a young girl who “after a supposed visitation from the Virgin Mary is inexplicably able to hear, speak and heal the sick.” 

Viewers quickly find, however, that much darker forces are at work.

Mary is portrayed as a demonic figure with blood, black tears, and empty eyes in her statues. The girl who supposedly sees Mary is also depicted with black eyes, another characteristic of demonic possession. 

Attendees at her supposed visions are shown praying in a manner mocking the traditional Catholic devotions to Mary, and crucifixes and rosaries are filmed burning. 

Sony itself noted the date of release, commenting that “On the holiest weekend of the year comes The Unholy.”

It would appear that the release date is designed to be as offensive as possible, for on the day that Christians commemorate Christ’s passion and death and His mother’s cooperation in that suffering, Sony is releasing a film that blasphemes both Christ and His mother. 

Sony teamed up with producer Sam Raimi, who is known for his horror works, having created the Evil Dead horror series, and is also a prominent figure in the film world, having directed the Spiderman trilogy from the early 2000s. Raimi comes from a conservative Jewish family, so is certainly aware of the importance of religion in many peoples' lives, and the pain and upset that mocking faith causes.

Sony, of course, are just after cheap publicity to help maximise profits. All we can say is that it is telling that such companies never produce material blaspheming against the Muslim faith. We are not, however, saying that they should; rather, they should have the same respect for Christianity as they appear to have for Islam.